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Whether we admit it or not, Valentines Day is a big deal.  Have you gifted chocolates and flowers every year? Are you in need of some gift ideas to spoil the love of your life? They are extra special and deserve the best. We’ve got you covered. Let us help you by making things easy. Organise... Read more

The problem with photographing the tween child and how to solve it !

I have been banging on about photographing the teen or pre teen or tween as they say (!) this past week. If you are a parent of this age group you may just have the same problem as me. It is a problem that I have had trouble figuring out until this weekend ! The... Read more

Is your excuse the same as mine?

Right, here goes {long slow breath}…. if you are a mum you will understand. If you have had your kids on school holidays and are absolutely busting for them to start school this week, you will certainly understand. And even if you’re a mum that loves spending every second of the school holidays with your... Read more

GEELONG WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY – Does your guest list include international visitors?

Ally + Brad recently celebrated their Geelong Wedding with Torquay as the picturesque background. Their special day included interstate family and friends who traveled far to be part of the celebrations. We love when friendship knows no bounds. Distance is no obstacle when it comes to love. Being able to share these beautiful moments of connecting is... Read more


You know those work style networking or professional development days where they ask you to share one interesting thing about yourself, your little life secrets?! Roll your eyes with me… I know! How annoying. In the 25 seconds you must prepare your mind is racing “WTF am I going to say!” “I have nothing interesting”... Read more


A new baby in the family is magic! It’s such an exciting time for you and your family. We love inviting Geelong Mums and Dads to share the occasion with us. Those tiny fingers and toes. The soft skin and baby smell. We will goo and gar, guaranteed. We can’t help ourselves. The first few... Read more

GUILTY: I hate it but I’ve done it! Confession of Geelong photographer Sara Taylor

Looking through social media of late I am seeing alot of training workshops for photographers. Now I am all up for training, learning new skills and am even about to launch some amazing new workshops for 2018 myself but there is one thing that I just don’t get….and the worst thing is, I know when... Read more

Don’t Have a Mental Breakdown During Your GEELONG PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION

Family Photographs are great – they help you create and remember fond memories of your loving family, make beautiful keepsakes and art work for your home and allow your children to feel valued.  Sometimes however, you may be feeling a little anxious about ‘Family Photography Day “. Here at Sara Taylor Photography we are super experienced in Family... Read more

Stop.Refresh.Restart | Geelong Photographer

Another brutally honest blog post, a few semi-swear words and the obligatory trademark Sara spelling mistakes. Life is busy. Bloody busy. Juggling running a house, a business, exercise, kids and not to mention kids social lives, various menu requirements and bed times which keep getting later as they get older (surely they can still go... Read more

Truth + the real WHY

I am by far a writer and I am a horrible speller. You know those assessments that show your strength and weaknesses? Yep, well mine is NOT writing. I am a big picture visual girl, looking forward and always and wanting to be in that future place right this moment! Non-the less in 2018 my... Read more