Geelong Family Photographs on location versus in the studio

Jess, Jake and baby Jagger could have had me visit them at home for their family photographs. They could have come into the studio for their family photographs. I love however that they trusted my vision and brought along little Jagger to their Baby Photography session at Torquay Beach.

When creating family photographs it is important to chat to your photographer about how they can personalise them to you and your family. Three things to think about are

  1. Choosing a location which you may frequent or has special meaning
  2. Incorporating specific clothing or certain props that have a sentimental meaning
  3. You may choose to invite along some special people to your shoot for a guest appearance

There is no right or wrong, simply what works for your family.

This shoot was Jaggers very first time that he dipped his toes into the salt water. After he got used to a little breeze on his face he was pretty content to be just hanging out with his whole world – his Ma and Pa ! Jess did a fabulous job of styling their little family which worked beautifully with the sunset light.

Geelong Beach Photography Torquay 2
Geelong Beach Photography Torquay 3
Geelong Beach Photography Torquay 4 Geelong Beach Photography Torquay 5 Geelong Beach Photography Torquay 6 Geelong Beach Photography Torquay 1

We specialise in creating family photographs so you and your family have your moments turned into memories. We value existing in photos for your children and the art of the printed image.

We would love to hear from you if you would like to create a beautiful collection of images for your family.