The problem with photographing the tween child and how to solve it !

I have been banging on about photographing the teen or pre teen or tween as they say (!) this past week. If you are a parent of this age group you may just have the same problem as me. It is a problem that I have had trouble figuring out until this weekend !

The problem is that even though this age group absolutely love a good selfie, a snap chat filter or a muscially tune or two they apparently don’t like their parents photographing them! Yep, the love photographing themselves and do so regularly in crappy lighting and with angles that do not flatter (they don’t seem to care!) but when it comes to me (aka the parent) photographing them they run a mile!

This weekend there was one of those light glob moments. We were at the beach, photographing a few snaps for the new website front page (I know, exciting right!) and I pointed the camera at the said tween. ” Want me to take your photograph?” before she could say no, as I knew it was coming I quickly piped in with the follow up comment… ” you can use them for insta!” BOOM ! Problem solved.

It was pretty quick and simple really. Went from both hand over camera to these shots below.

2018 02 04 0004 2018 02 04 0002

The little pre tween teen (is that actually a thing!?) aka as the 9 and three quarter year old needed some shots too…. she is still in the phase where she spends most of her time upside down !

2018 02 04 0003

I even managed to get on the other side of the camera too – thanks to the lovely Ferne.

Hope you have all had a gorgeous weekend and you are back in the rhythm of school and don’t forget your daughters first dance class like I did this week !!

Sara xx