Geelong Photography 101 Workshops for Mums and Dads

Awesome feedback from our Photography 101 for Mums and Dads a couple of weeks back. It is exactly the reason why we run the program!

“Hi Sara,

My name is ***. We met last weekend in class held on Sunday ? (I was the one in the front row with the petrified look on my face).

 I occasionally photograph the Pako Festa parade for my daughters dance school, and ONLY ever in automatic. However, after last Sunday’s class I thought I’d try in manual.

Once again, I was petrified. But I focused on the info and tips you had given us. Remembering your main messages about taking creative control. And as tempting as it was to throw the camera back into auto mode, I did not!

I had played with shutter speeds, aperture settings, perspective and more. I watched the little line to make sure it was as close to the middle as possible for each shot.

By the end of the parade I was exhausted, but I was so pleased and excited that I had taken the challenge. I would never ever had tried this prior to the class you held.

I just thought I’d let you know how valuable I personally found the class.

And very sincerely, thank you Sara!”

2018 02 26 0001
2018 02 26 0001