Don’t think just JUMP ! Embracing Change (from inside Sara’s home)

When I think about some of the pivotal moments in my life, some of them have come off the back off a really big JUMP! A jump into the unknown. A jump into saying yes. A jump to embracing change.

When I was 19 I headed off on a massive jumbo with a backpack to Canada. I actually didn’t know where I was going to stay on my first night there (much to the disapproval of the customs officer). All I knew was that I would get there, catch the bus to where I wanted to be and sort the rest out when I got there.


2018 02 04 0003

With the essence of youth you kinda just do that, not think about it. Jump, just do it ! I can hear my dad saying “what’s the worst thing that can happen Sara?!”. In my business that has been my motto also when needing to make big decisions. Consider the worst case and if that isn’t that bad then just JUMP!

This week I have decided to JUMP! I am packing up the house, have had my photographer colleague come in and take some cool photos of my this place we’ve called home and the rest will figure itself out as I go.

Seriously that’s all a plan I have. I don’t know if I will buy another property or test a new area out and rent for a while or bunk in with my Mum (not preferred option!).

And you know what, it feels good!!

2018 02 24 0007

So much of life has to be carefully planned out and managed. Drive the girls here, save for this, go here and do that. To be able to simply JUMP and not know where I am going to land is exhilarating.

It is taking me back 20 years to when my mum waved me goodbye at the airport on my first OS solo journey. There are responsibilities, yes, yes {insert eyeroll} that you have when you have two kids and a business but I am pumped !

I am embracing change and waving my arms around in the air in excitement while I plummet safely back to earth (landing location TBC!).

Scary but exciting all at once.

Have you embraced change of late? Would love to hear your story in the comments.

Sara xx

Oh, if you happen to be looking for a cool family home, maybe you might like to check out the place we have called home for the last 8 years. My dad built it for us (he used to own Pivot homes) so its perfect for the family with either little or big kids. On about the only flat block in the whole of new Highton.

Have popped a few snaps from Nick at BWRM below so you can have a sneak peak before it goes to the masses.

2018 02 24 0003
2018 02 24 0003
2018 02 24 0006
2018 02 24 0006

2018 02 24 0004