Is your excuse the same as mine?

Right, here goes {long slow breath}…. if you are a mum you will understand. If you have had your kids on school holidays and are absolutely busting for them to start school this week, you will certainly understand. And even if you’re a mum that loves spending every second of the school holidays with your darlings, I am pretty sure you’ll understand too.

2018 01 28 0003
2018 01 28 0001

Time to ourselves is precious. It is important. It is certainly undervalued. In my first post for the year I spoke briefly about mindfulness, enjoying the moment and being present. When chatting to mums (well let’s face it, it’s not just mums its everyone) the number one excuse why we don’t gift ourselves time to ourselves is actually TIME ! “I don’t have time for this, I don’t have time for that, time time time!”…. I am guilty of saying it- are you?

I am by far perfect, and yes I go crazy sometimes, crazy busy, crazy juggling life. Over the weekend I was having a 2 hour phone chat with one of my closest galpals (as you do when you don’t have TIME {eyeroll} to see each other in real life). We were talking about how I exercise nearly every day, and have done for many many years. I am no athlete, but I get out there and get my body moving everyday in some form or another. Cycling and swimming are my current favs.

2018 01 28 0004

It is almost like time stops. I am pretty zoned out. Could be the oxygen to the brain, could be the mental break, could be a whole lot of physiological reasons. But you know what, I am happy that whatever the reason during the session I am pretty much in a semi meditative state and I can walk away from the session feeling more positive, more balanced and calmer.

2018 01 28 0002

I have the kids beginning school this week. My brain tells me to rush back to work and go crazy nuts catching up on things from the last 6 weeks while the kids have been on holidays but you know what I am going to do? Yep, move.Hopefully you can find some time to do the same. Walk, skip, jump or run… simply get out there and move !

Sara xx

PS if you have a tween like me, if you have TIME (!) a swim or walk or two a week with them does wonders for their mental health and is also amazing talking time.