Truth + the real WHY

I am by far a writer and I am a horrible speller. You know those assessments that show your strength and weaknesses? Yep, well mine is NOT writing. I am a big picture visual girl, looking forward and always and wanting to be in that future place right this moment! Non-the less in 2018 my resolution is to connect. To connect with people. Throughout pictures AND through words (even if there are spelling mistakes). To connect people with people and to connect stories with stories. Why now? It’s taken me nearly 9 years in business to realize that this is my ‘why’.

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The TRUTH. Business coaches, books and journals bang on ALL.THE.TIME about finding your why. All this time I have been bloody annoyed with myself as I haven’t really known my ridgey didge why. Yes, I capture moments, families, lovers, people and portraits. I absolutely adore my job, don’t get me wrong. But this whole bloody time I have been looking here and searching there and to no avail. I was yet to find that actual reason why I am doing what I am doing. Blow me down here I am nearly 9 years on and I have finally figured it out!

You’ll be pleased to know that it wasn’t during a week long yoga feast or a soul searching life seminar. I didn’t need to hike for days in the outback alone Reece Witherspoon style.  It simply came to me. No fireworks or angels singing. I know you want to know how this enlightening moment went down… here is my disclaimer though – you may be slightly disappointed (sorry in advance).

Here goes. The Real WHY.

I was photographing a family recently, a large extended family, was a lovely session down near the coast. We are nearly… at the end of the session the matriarch of the family (ie the granda) looked my in the eye and said this “Sara, this is most precious gift I could have. I have lived a good life. I want for nothing. It is these moments when my family are all present and are connecting that is the most precious to me and you my darling have captured it all for me so when they go back to their homes I have them all with me, through the photographs”. It bought a tear to my eye. On the way home in the car, the moment happened. “It is about connecting” I heard myself say (well think). And it was. That was it. That is the REAL WHY. The family connecting with each other, me connecting with them and the moments being captured on camera allows us all of revisit those connections, those memories, that moment in time.

So back to the 2018 for Sara Taylor Photography, we will connect. We will connect with you through words and photographs. We will share our stories and hope that you will share yours too and we can intertwine our stories and make a connection.

What do we do? We connect through capturing PORTRAITS + People.

It is you the people, that allow the WHY.

This year PORTRAITS + People will be our thing – the real ‘why’.

You will see some changes in the way we connect with you, our friends, clients, audience and fellow photographers. We will photograph amazing Portraits and lots of different kinds of people in lots of different ways and locations. We will connect with new people and opportunities and simply roll with it.

We would love to have you join us on our adventure. Come on, climb aboard (as long as you don’t judge the spelling we can be best of friends!).

Sara xx

(PS pop your phone or computer away for a bit and go and connect- I dare you!)

Remember at the beginning of the movie Love Actually they tell us that “Love is all around us” if we only stop for a moment to realize it. We didn’t make it to Heathrow Airport to record the connections, but we did explore our local area. The images are taken in and around Geelong. Check out the connections.


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