GEELONG PHOTOGRAPHY – Celebrating Relationships of ALL Ages.

We have been busy adding the finishing touches to our Fifty Fabulous Females Book which is soon to be released.

What we have learned through this project is that we have been able to also celebrate relationships that exist between our Fabulous Females. Take the beautiful Robyn and Saddie – they share a connection and bond that can clearly be seen here between the two of them.

The reality is that we should celebrate relationships with our children, regardless of their ages. We tend to book Family Portraits when our children are young, and then not make the time to have them when our children are adults themselves.

The thing is, as we age, these memories become even more precious, as our children appreciate the role that their parents and loved ones have had in their lives.

What are you waiting for?? Call the Studio on 5221 1616 or email [email protected] to book your Family Portrait Session with your children – regardless of their ages.